Frivolities By JessicaMarie

My silversmith journey began in April 2016...

After graduating from The University of Northampton with a degree in Footwear and Accessories, I worked as a footwear designer/developer for 2 companies over 4 years. I really loved this job, it opened up so many opportunities and gave me in site to the world of product design. The job involved a lot of driving and travelling, this was great fun for a while but over time I found myself spending more time in a car and an office seat then anything else and being cooped up really isn't for me - I was ready for a BIG change! So, I handed in my notice and enrolled myself on a week intensive Silversmithing course. It was something I had always been fascinated by and I LOVE jewellery - So seemed perfect!

Turns out I wasn't too bad at it and it wasn't long before I was converting the garden shed into a workshop and spending all my time in there tinkering away, building on the skills I had learnt.

I set up Frivolities - Why Frivolities? - Well, the name comes from my very practical Mother, she always told me I was 'Frivolous' and couldn't understand me spending my money on beautiful things - Just because I liked them! Well, in my eyes, that is what Frivolities is about. I want to create pieces that are a treat to yourself or something special for a loved one. I want them to be the sort of gift that someone opens and isn't expecting, something really special which they can enjoy and wear everyday!

Since I set up Frivolities I have learnt so much more about silversmithing and still learn everyday! I always aim for perfection but I am in no way a fine jeweller! I like to call my style 'Refined Rustic'... I love the hammered/textured effect of metal, I like to create something a bit more organic, however I also like to make sure it is controlled and neatly finished.

I really enjoy creating bespoke pieces. It's great working with someone to come up with the perfect gift to really reflect their loved ones personality or create a beautiful piece which compliments any outfit or occasion so it can be worn everyday!

Everything I sell on my Etsy site or make as a commission is completely handmade. I hand cut the silver, I texture and solder, I polish and box all with my two hands! I don't buy pre-made bezels and ring bands, these are all made in my workshop. The only exception is the clasps! If you haven't already, take a look at my video. It shows a quick process of how I make a gemstone ring!

I love to teach Silversmithing and pass on the skills I have learnt to others, I have been teaching beginners for 3 years at The Colour Factory studios and it is just a lovely place to teach.

Please take a look around, if you have read this far then I hope you've gained a little more insight to me and what Frivolities is all about. I would love to hear from you if you have already bought something from my shop or there may be something you have your eye on! I love to chat so drop me a message!

I hope you have a lovely day... Thank you for stopping by.

Jessica Marie

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